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Instant hearing care

Expand your business into the latest smart hearing technology with our high-quality Digital hearing devices. Sonorlite Smart Hearing technology is intended for people who need affordable and easy-to-operate hearing devices. And with demand for better hearing growing at a dramatic rate, Sonorlite Hearing is ideally suited for sale via independent audiologists, pharmacies, opticians and other specialist retailers.

Simple and brief training

Sonorlite Hearing technology doesn’t require special training or specific qualification by the seller.

No professional qualification required

You can offer the Sonorlite Hearing Band via your pharmacy immediately as it doesn’t require a specific qualification to supply unlike conventional hearing aids

Point-of-sale display and support information

We provide eye-catching point-of-sale display, leaflets and easy-to-use instruction manuals. We also provide telephone and email support.

Affordable price and peace of mind for your customers

The Sonorlite Hearing Band is very attractively priced, carries a full 1year warranty and 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. Great performance, and simple operating instructions lead to great customer satisfaction.

Great range and affordable prices for your customers

With affordable prices and great performance, you’ll easily be able to sell Sonorlite Hearing devices to your customers.

A full 1year warranty, 30 day money back guarantee, simple operating instructions and great performance lead to great customer satisfaction.

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