What are the Effects of Hearing Loss?

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What are the Effects of Hearing Loss?

What are the Effects of Hearing Loss?

Who Suffers from Hearing Loss?

In a recent BBC article, it was discovered that ten million people in the UK (one-sixth of the UK’s population) suffer from some form of hearing loss. More than 40% of people over 50 and 70% of over 70 year olds suffer from some form of hearing loss, providing strong evidence that hearing capability declines with age. However, old age isn’t the only cause of hearing loss, it can be caused by multiple factors, such as noise exposure, ear disease or because of hereditary influences.

Why Don’t People Treat Hearing Loss?

Most people that live with hearing troubles don’t realise they have hearing problems until the difficulty is significantly severe. On average, Brits wait 10 years before they seek treatment concerning their hearing problems, and during this time, it’s likely that the condition of the hearing difficulty will have considerably deteriorated. It is thought that less than half of the people who require hearing aids have them, possibly because they are frightened of visiting an audiologist, or because they haven’t noticed the gradual worsening of their hearing loss.

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Although hearing aids are advanced as ever, and more discreet than they used to be, it appears that people are still reluctant to wear hearing aids. However, as well as effects such as fatigue and stress, there is mounting evidence to suggest that untreated hearing loss can substantially increase the risk of developing dementia.

Hearing Loss and Fatigue

One of the most common repercussions of living with hearing loss is fatigue. When living with hearing loss, it is the brain’s responsibility to fill in the blanks and process what has been said so that you can best understand the conversation. However, this requires considerably more effort than someone who is living with healthy hearing, inevitably increasing the chances of you becoming tired. The best way to avoid fatigue related to hearing loss is to make sure you are wearing a suitable hearing aid, one that is programmed to assist with your individual requirements. This should hopefully enable your ability to recognise more sounds, preventing the brain from having to fill in as many gaps and working as hard.

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