Introducing the unique Sonorlite Hearing Band

The stylish band provides a total hearing and lifestyle communication system that connects you seamlessly to your world like no other device available. Great hearing performance, simplicity, comfort, and ease-of-use are fundamental features of this award-winning design.

Large, easy-to-reach controls and no fiddly batteries make the Sonorlite Hearing Band a perfect choice for anyone with dexterity issues.

About Us

Our mission is to introduce the latest hearing technology from leading manufacturers around the world and make it available at affordable prices.

Ten million people in the UK -one in six of us – have some degree of hearing loss.

The main causes are hereditary factors, noise exposure, trauma and ear diseases. And, of course, there is age. More than 40% of people over 50 years of age have some degree of hearing loss, rising to 70% of those over the age of 70.

The great news is that with the advent of hearable / wearable devices the future lifestyle for those with impaired hearing is looking much brighter so be sure to check this website to see the very latest in hearing technology and accessories.


Hearing Loss

It’s your brain that hears not your ears

Your hearing serves many purposes such as keeping you safe, locating where sound is coming from, and helping you follow conversations. Your ears and brain form a system and work together. Your ears funnel information into the hearing system and your brain processes the information into sound and meaning.

Your brain constantly takes in a wide variety of cues from your ears, and automatically and effortlessly identifies the sounds and locates where they are coming from. Imagine you are about to step into traffic. It is your brain that let you know whether it is safe to proceed. Therefore, it is crucial that you can hear all the sounds around you from both ears to understand where a sound is coming from. In noisy environments, your two ears work together to improve speech understanding by providing access to the important details in the environment. The more detailed the information your brain receives the easier it is to identify and follow what is being said.