You need a hearing device, but you have a lot of questions too

Q. Do Sonorlite Hearing products come with instructions for use?

A. Yes, each Sonorlite device comes with an English written user manual that clearly explains all features.

Q. Tell me about the pre-programmed setting.

A. The Sonorlite Hearing devices come with 4 pre-programmed memory settings for different listening environments. These settings address 95% of the most common listening challenges.

Indoor: – regular listening with equal amplification across all pre-programmed frequencies.

Traffic: – reduces background noise (restaurant etc., road and wind noise).

Outdoor: – decreases overall sound gain to create a more comfortable hearing experience.

Pre-set: – Allows you to create your own perfect multi-environment setting using the volume, bass and treble controls.

Q. How does the volume setting work?

A. The easily accessible toggle switch on the Hearing Band is pushed up or down (+ / -) to alter volume settings. The push button on the Hear Pods is used multiple times to alter volume.

Q. What if I have a question regarding product features?

A. Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Q. Will a hearing device cure the ringing in my ears?

A. Ringing in the ears, or tinnitus, is most commonly caused by nerve-related hearing loss. Our hearing devices will not cure or diminish the ringing in your ears.

Q.How do these hearing devices compare to custom hearing aids?

A.Custom fit hearing aids provide the highest level of care that you can get, but that level of care can come with a price tag that can exceed £2500.00 per ear! If price is no object, then we recommend you pursue a custom hearing aid. However, for most people, custom hearing aid costs are a significant barrier to better hearing. Sonorlite Hearing Devices are often the very best option for people with dexterity issues irrespective of price.

Advanced digital technologies plus the convenient volume switch and program selection buttons give you a hearing device experience that rivals the most expensive hearing aids for a fraction of the cost.

Q.What if I accidentally get my Hearing device wet?

A. Because Sonorlite Hearing device are so comfortable to wear, it is not uncommon for us to hear that it was accidentally worn into the shower or in the rain. Should this happen the Hearing device not necessarily damaged beyond repair. The following are helpful tips in case you should get your device wet.

  • Wipe the whole device including ear buds with a soft dry cloth
  • Dry the device using a fan or hairdryer on the “cool” setting NOT “hot”.
  • Place the unit in a sealed plastic baggie filled with uncooked rice.
  • Leave it overnight. The rice acts as a dehumidifier and soaks up the water.